Dawid Zieliński

Politics in Art / Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK / April 2022

I am a part of new exhibition “Politics in Art” at Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków curated by Maria Anna Potocka, Agnieszka Sachar and Martyna Sobczyk.

exhibition presents work of nearly 70 artists and explores “sceptical
and critical approach of contemporary artists to the actions of those in
power, exposing the artifice and mendacity of political strategies. It
demonstrates that in the name of ambition, the desire to remain in power
and the feeding of the dictatorial ego, politicians are capable of
lying, manipulation and murder. Artists oppose this, both as critics and
as soldiers.”

ALL UNDER ONE ROOF / Politico / March 2022

An assignment, one very close to my heart,
about Ukrainian families finding refuge in Polish homes. While Polish
government takes credit for helping refugees, it’s the individual
citizens and small NGOs who have been doing most of the heavy lifting,
at least in the first weeks of Russian invasion.

for POLITICO Europe

text by Zosia Wanat


At Ukrainian Border, Overwhelmed Guards, Volunteers Confront Exodus of Refugees Fleeing War / The Wall Street Journal / March 2022

MEDYKA, Poland—Within days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week, the line
of cars carrying people fleeing to the country’s border with Poland was
already 55 miles long.”
“In wet snow and cold rain, mothers began
abandoning their cars to walk for hours, prodding exhausted children as
they dragged their strollers and suitcases along the road.”
the checkpoint, two Ukrainian immigration officers have been
frantically trying to keep up with one of the fastest exoduses from any
country in modern history.”

By Drew Hinshaw and Natalia Ojewska

on assignment for The Wall Street Journal


Foreign Refugees Fleeing Ukraine Say They Were Held for Days at Border / The Wall Street Journal / March 2022

“As hundreds of thousands of people fled the Russian invasion of Ukraine
for the European Union, guards began to accelerate their own nationals
through lines where people waited for more than 48 hours, picking out
Black, Asian or Middle Eastern refugees and holding them aside, said
dozens of Ukrainians and foreigners who crossed the border.”

story by Drew Hinshaw

on assignment for The Wall Street Journal


Paszporty Polityki / December 2021

Thrilled to be nominated to one of the most important art awards in Poland
Nominating committee: “the protests of 2021 were mainly seen through the photographs of the Archive of Public Protests”.

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