Dawid Zieliński

No One Belongs Here More Than You / Fotograf Festival / September 2022

Together with APP I’m a part of a group exhibition “No One Belongs Here More Than You” in The National Gallery in Prague during Fotograf Festival in Prague, Czech Republik. So if you happen to be in beautiful Prague
anytime between now and Jan 8th, 2023, do yourself a favor and go see


“Who does belong here?
A seemingly simple question seems to be at the heart of much of the
current cultural debates, policy-making and social measures. The
question of belonging even becomes a threat for various people when they
do not fit into the imaginary homogeneous vision of a nation that is
advocated for by a growing number of proponents of the extreme right and
populism. The central exhibition of the Fotograf Festival presents
artistic strategies that recognise this attack on civil rights and
liberties, understanding it as symptomatic of the shift from a
democratic to an authoritarian political order. Departing from the
notion of chronopolitics, the exhibition contests political tendencies
that draw a coherent line from a pristine past to an idealised future
that must be defended against the supposed threats of diversity, gender
sensitivity, and the empowerment of marginalised groups. The presented
works of predominantly Central European artists accentuate the
historical conditioning of the current repressive tendencies, developing
possible forms of resistance by artistic means.”
(from exhibition statement)
23 Sep – 8 Jan 2023
Trade Fair Palace
The National Gallery in Prague (NGP)
Dukelských hrdinů 47, Prague 7
Tue–Sun, 10 am–6 pm

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