Dawid Zieliński


Dawid Zieliński is a freelance documentary photographer focusing mostly on social and environmental issues. He lives in Kraków, Poland.

He became interested in social documentary in 2013 and started Near East, his long-term, ongoing exploration of landscape transformation in EasternPoland.

In 2015 and 2016 Dawid started covering European refuge crisis, travelling to Turkey,Greece, Balkan states and Hungary numerous times. The resulting work was awarded highly acclaimed Grand Press Photo of the Year Award 2016 in his native Poland as well as Pictures Of the Year International and NPPA's Best of Photojournalism awards in 2017. He then gradually shifted his interest from news-related reporting to taking a critical look at the consequences and long-term impact of migration, the still ongoing work is collectively known as Foreign Landscape.

His recent work also includes Lasting Grievance, an investigation into forced resettlement of minority communities in Poland after World World II and its contemporary consequences.

He's been working as a contributing photographer for Magazyn Kontakt since 2016.


2019 - Krzysztof Miller Prize - Finalist

2019 - PhotOn Festival - #PHENAwardPhotonGrant

2018 - International Photography Awards - Deeper Perspective - Honorable Mention

2018 - Grand Press Photo - People singles - Finalist

2017 - Pictures Of the Year International - Feature singles - Award of Excellence

2017 - NPPA Best of Photojournalism - International News Singles - 3rd place

2017 - DOC! Photo Debuts selection

2016 - Grand Press Photo - Photo of the Year

2016 - Grand Press Photo - News singles - 1st place

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