Dawid Zieliński

Warschau will bald die stärkste Armee Europas haben / FAZ / August 2023

Featured in “Warsaw wants to soon have the strongest army in Europe” by Gerhard Gnauck


Are military picnics part of a recruitment strategy?
picnics are an increasingly popular pastime in Poland. They offer
military-related entertainment such as shooting range or tank rides and
aim to boost patriotism, build relations and trust with the army and
create positive connotations related to military service. They attract
crowds, including kids, teenagers and young adults, a crucial
demographic in light of recent plans of The Ministry of National Defense
to create an army of more than 300,000 troops by 2035 to guard against
Russia’s imperial ambitions.
A fundamental challenge is a
shortage of personnel and financial burden of such undertaking. The main
problem is a shortage of volunteers (recruitment problems are a
challenge for almost all NATO member states, including the United
States). In other words, in the near future there will be fewer young
people (and therefore potential soldiers), while an aging population
requiring increased financial expenditures for social and health care
will increase. This project will ultimately face limitations as a result
of demographics and Polish demographic forecasts are very poor.

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